Title Details
Scheme Guidelines for Pilot Phase to set up Incubation Centers in Apparel Manufacturing
Scheme Guidelines of IPDS
List of Projects under IPDS
Development of Mega Cluster Scheme
Silk Sector Schemes
Title Details
SILK SAMAGRA-2 SOP & Guidelines for Implementation
Textile Cluster Development Scheme (TCDS)
Title Details
Guidelines of PowerTex India Scheme
List of Projects under CPCDS
Scheme Guideline of SITP
List of Completed Parks under SITP
List of ongoing Parks under SITP
Modified Scheme Guidelines of Comprehensive Powerloom, Knitwear & Silk Mega cluster
Revised Guidelines of Comprehensive Powerloom, Knitwear & Silk Mega Cluster
Handicrafts Schemes
Title Details
Handicrafts Sector Scheme
Handlooms Schemes
Title Details
Handloom Sector Scheme
Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme
Title Details
Calendar for Committee Meetings
Resolution for Amendment in ATUFS Guidelines
Amended Technology Upgradation Funds Scheme (ATUFS)
Amended Technology Upgradation Funds Scheme (ATUFS)
TUFS Audit
TUFS Guidelines
Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme(TUFS)
Powerloom Sector Schemes
Title Details
Comprehensive Scheme Guidelines for Development of Knitting & Knitwear Sector under PowerTex India w.e.f. 01.07.2019 to 31.03.2020
PowerTex India - Comprehensive Scheme for Powerloom Sector
Comprehensive Powerloom Cluster Development Scheme (CPCDS)
Revised Comprehensive Powerloom Cluster Development Scheme (CPCDS)
Integrated Scheme for Powerloom Sector Development (ISPSD)
Group Insurance Scheme (GIS)
Group Workshed Scheme (GWS)
Textile Workers Rehabilitation Fund Scheme (TWRFS)
Powerloom Sector Schemes
Jute Sector Schemes
Title Details
Jute Sector Schemes
Skill Development Schemes
Title Details
Dashboard for Samarth
Guideline for SAMARTH- Scheme for Capacity Building in Textile Sector (SCBTS)
Amendments in Guidelines of Samarth
Resolution for extension of SAMARTH scheme
List of Courses under Samarth 01.01.2022 Entry Level
List of Upskilling Courses
Extension of timeline for submission of RFP for empanelment of IPs for undertaking Textile Industry Association working with Textile MSME for skill development in MSMEs in Textile Sector under Samarth Scheme for SCBTS issued on 10.02.2020
SAMARTH- Submission of Requrest For Proposals(RFP) for empanelement of Implmenting Partnes for undertakings upskilling/reskilling training Programme - Last date extended upto 12.11.2019
Request for Proposal (RFP) for Textiles Industry/ Associations registered under Central or State Government/Chambers of Commerce of Central or State Government for Empanelment as Implementing Partners for undertaking training programme under Samarth
Scheme for Capacity Building in Textiles Sector (SCBTS)
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